Monday, February 11, 2013

More Formatting Practice

Copy and paste these lines into Microsoft Word.
  1. Highlight all of the lines and change the font size to 16. 
  2. Highlight this line using the red highlight color.
  3. Change the font color of this line to orange.
  4. Change this line to Baskerville Old Face
  5. Underline this line and change the font color to yellow.
  6. Change the font color to white. Click Undo and change the font color to green.
  7. Copy and paste this line 2 times.
  8. Change the font size of this line to 18 and highlight it using the blue highlight color.
  9. Bold this line of text and change the font color to purple.
  10. Change the spacing to 2.0 for lines #1-5.
  11. Change lines #6-10 to bullet points.